Our new information system and other news

I thought readers would be interested to learn that I spent much of yesterday in a meeting with the IT people at our company — and other editors of our company’s environmental products — to develop a common terminology for how we editors encode articles and news items (to make them fully searchable across different products and websites offered by our company). I’ll spare you the technical details, but what this means to you, as industry people and readers — is that in the near future, when you visit our website, or when you subscribe to our “topic alerts,” even more information will be available to you. Furthermore, you’ll have the option of subscribing to a new EcoLog website that will be announced soon, that will provide “one-stop shopping” for all your environmental information needs, including legislation updates and news on all kinds of environmental topics. I’ll update you about this interesting project as it unfolds.
I also met with our publisher and our IT department about some soon-to-be announced modifications to our website, that will include new offerings, some of which will be free and others that will be paid services (via an online “shopping cart”). My goal is that over time everyone working in the solid waste and recycling business in Canada will visit our website regularly (even daily!) because of the robust content available here, and only here, and subscribe to our unique web-based services.
On another note, I received an email today from Rod Muir, founder of “Waste Diversion Canada.” Rod asked me to post a web link to a website where a conference presentation he gave on waste and climate change is posted. You can click there and view or dowload the presentation in different formats. Please find the link below.

Dear Guy
Please find below the link to my webcast on “Waste Diversion and the Mitigation of Climate Change” from the recent COP Climate Conference in Montreal. To view it you may need to download free software from www.real.com
Look on right side of opening page as well as right side of second page which opens
Rod Muir