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Times are a-changing, but for the better. As of today, I’m taking on a more dedicated role with HAZMATMAG.COM and its sister site SOLIDWASTEMAG.COM.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means better quality content and more up-to-date news, more photos, and even more event info too. Nice, right?

As we continue to improve, our hope is to develop the websites into places where you can read and comment about the latest industry developments, be it a critical regulatory change, a technological advancement, a new product, financial news, or perhaps even the departure of a CEO.

Whatever the story, we want to hear your take on it. It just takes a few seconds to type out your opinion at the very bottom of a news article page. Let’s get some discussion going!]

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Perhaps even more importantly, I want to hear from you directly about what’s important to you and your company in the wide world of HazMat or Solid Waste. Please feel free to email with story ideas, concerns or feedback at The more we hear from you, the better we can be at tackling the issues you want to know more about. It’s as simple as that.

Going forward, I will be the editor of HAZMATMAG.COM, while Guy Crittenden will remain editor-in-chief. I will also be blogging here and there on both websites, sharing my opinions on issues of interest. So, stay tuned, and hopefully we get some good dialogue going, no matter which industry you represent.


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