Thirty recognized with Legacy Awards

Silver Spring, MD – The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) has announced that 20 SWANA members received recognition for their work in the industry with MSW Management’s Legacy Award.

“We are exceptionally proud that the majority of Legacy Award recipients are SWANA members, including our current Past President and several prior Presidents, including Deputy Executive Director Sara Bixby,” stated David Biderman, SWANA executive director and CEO.

He added, “We thank all of the Legacy Awards winners for their service to the industry.”

These honorees have not only dedicated themselves to the management of waste materials but also used their skills and knowledge to give back to the industry. Whether by holding an officer position, speaking at a SWANA Conference, or participating in a technical division, each of the SWANA members have contributed their time to volunteer and hold leadership positions in SWANA. They helped advance the industry and SWANA to where they are now and on the path for the future.

“This list of major contributors in the solid waste industry are deserving of this Legacy Award,” said Michael Greenberg, president of the SWANA Board of Directors.

“For many decades, these professionals have led by example and given their best efforts for their organizations and the solid waste management industry.”

Congratulations to all recipients of the Legacy Awards, especially SWANA past presidents and members:

  • Laurie Batchelder Adams, President of LBA Associates, Inc., SWANA Past President;
  • Sara Bixby, Deputy Executive Director of Solid Waste Association of North America, SWANA Past President;
  • Frank Caponi, Division Engineer of Las Angeles County Sanitation Districts, SWANA Past President;
  • James Caron, President and CEO of Caron Compactor Company;
  • Anne Germain, COO of National Waste & Recycling Association, SWANA Past President;
  • Harvey Gershman, Founder, Owner, Associate, & Co-Founder of Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.;
  • Tara J. Hemmer, Senior Vice President – Field Operations of Waste Management;
  • Lanny Hickman, former CEO, Solid Waste Association of North America;
  • David Kaminski, Senior Vice President of QED Environmental Systems, Inc.;
  • Al Lynch, former Manager, North Side Recycling Program, SWANA Past President;
  • Michael Michels, P.E., Executive Vice President of Tetra Tech, Inc.;
  • Tom Parker, P.E., BCEES, Client Account Manager and Senior Project Manager of Jacobs, SWANA Past President;
  • Marc Rogoff, Senior Consultant of Geosyntec Consultants;
  • Michael Slutz, President of Tarpomatic, Vice President of JMW Companies;
  • Paul Sgriccia, P.E., Engineering Director of ROCHEM Americas, Inc.;
  • John Trotti, Group Editor of MSW Management;
  • NC Vasuki, P.E. BCEE, former CEO of Delaware Solid Waste Authority, SWANA Past President;
  • Jim Warner, Owner/President of Practical Waste Solutions, LLC, SWANA Past President.